Tips on How to Maximize the Impact of Your Exhibit Stand

Brands and companies use exhibitions and trade shows as an excellent opportunity to meet prospective consumers and to market the company’s products and services. Participating in these events can help companies obtain qualified leads that bring about sales and profits.

Joining exhibitions can be costly. And so, here are some tips on how you can maximize your money and time to create an impact on exhibits, thus, the opportunity won’t be a waste.

exhibit stand

Sufficient Preparation

Before the event arrives, you must do these important steps to surely maximize the results on your exhibition stand:

Identify your objectives and your goals. – What do you want to achieve from the trade show? Who are your target consumers? How will you measure your exhibition success such in terms of the number leads? Keep all these in mind throughout the entire exhibition process.

Exhibition stand and design – When you choose a company to design your exhibit stand, you must assure that your design exactly delivers your marketing objectives and goals, product or service capabilities and brand values. Also, your exhibit stand must be conceptualized towards your target audience. These are more of your specific guidelines for the design of your exhibit stand:

1.      Text – Remember that the text you will use is also an important factor in your design as a whole. Note that LESS IS MORE when it comes to text usage for your stand. Use taglines, phrases, or just few words rather a whole sentence to convey your message. If you have a text, place it on top of your exhibit stand with a large font which is enough to be seen from a distance.

2.      Graphics – You must always consider your target audience so your images must appeal to them. Your logo, too, must appear with proper emphasis on it according to appearance and size.

3.      Lighting – This is a crucial consideration which only exhibition experts know about.  There must be enough lighting in appropriate areas of the exhibit stands. Lighting too can create your stand a certain atmosphere which may also be the key to attract people’s attention.

On The Exhibition Proper

On the day of your event take note of these tips:

–          Remember why you and your staff are there. Even before the day begins or at the day before the event, you must reinforce the objectives to your team.

–          Remind your staff about their body language and behavior during the event. You are your brand so no eating on the stand, no crossed arms, or even mobile phones during the exhibition. All of you must remain accommodating, welcoming, and must maintain eye contact and smiling.

–          Keep your conversations with your potential consumers short, concise and straight. Your time is limited so make sure that you can accommodate more people by giving enough details.

These tips are very helpful to all companies especially to first time exhibitors. Try applying these simple guidelines and see for yourself how you can grow as a company. Also, you can surely maximize your opportunity in any exhibition or trade show.