Restaurants & Food Courts

Mocafe Exhibit Booth for WOFEX 2014

In designing restaurants and food courts, certain aspects must be kept in mind: flow, target market, and overall ambience.

Primarily, there should be a flow in the overall space. At first glance, the customers must be able to pinpoint their way to the tables. Additionally, the flow should aid the toing and froing waiting staff during service. Tables must be put at a reasonable distance from each other to convey privacy.

The target market is also crucial as this helps in the design of the restaurant. Younger clientele are attracted to modern, trendy interiors while the older clients fancy the classic, traditional designs. Understanding this does not mean turning down other customers, but understanding which clientele the restaurant is aiming to attract.

Overall ambience is the combination of flow and target market alongside other tangible elements such as fixtures, interiors, and furnishings. Knowing which colours jive together and which furniture suit the projected ambience are helpful in designing a good restaurant or food court.

We at Benew Designs, Inc. not only understand these crucial elements, we incorporate them in what we do.

We are composed of experts and highly trained professionals in the field of design and we can design your restaurant or food court. We can assure only satisfaction and excellence in what we do. Let us help you design your next restaurant.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We would love to hear your ideas and create cost-effective, appropriate, and attractive designs for you.

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