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Benew Designs, Inc. (to be referred to as Benew Designs, Benew, we, our, us, etc.) recognize your, our clients’ privacy for availing of our services or inquiring or getting exhibit designs or interiors quote through our website. We treat all your personal information which are either stored or gathered by this website with high confidentiality. We promise that these will not be sold to third parties.

Benew Designs requires you to supply your personal information only for the purpose of getting quotes which makes it convenient for you, our clients, to know if your budget fits our service and you can know it online. You will also be required to fill out your personal information when we have news, programs or promotions about our exhibition services to also update you.

The Data Collected

Upon visiting the Benew Designs website, we don’t gather any of your personal information; we only collect your IP address. This actually helps us identify from which country or area in the Philippines you come from which also for us to check the main traffic sources of our website.

Disclaimer and Usage

Personal Information and Email Addresses

We, at Benew, highly recognize the confidentiality of all your personal information and Email addresses. We will only use these information collected on our site through your quote requests or inquiries to reach you for news, updates and promos. Thus, no other unsolicited emails will be sent to you rather than those mentioned. Benew Designs will make all necessary efforts to protect all these information on your behalf.


The website of the Benew Designs, Inc. does use cookies to better serve our trade show and interiors customers. In these cookies, we do not store your credit card information or other personal information. Instead, the cookies contain a session ID number and other basic information regarding your visit such as the date you visited this exhibit design service site and the country you come from (or area in the Philippines).

The cookies in our website are not used for any advertisement and behavior-tracking purposes.

Moreover, these are not persistent which means that the cookies are automatically deleted from your browsers.


Benew may modify the policies or disclaimers in the website and the clients’ use of the site will determine the possible changes in our policies.

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