Innovating Trade Show Booths

When you are at a trade show and you see those crowded trade show booths, it never fails to spark a sliver of curiosity: why are they crowded over there? On the other hand, some booths are not being checked out at all. But as a businessman, you should make sure that your trade show booth has an impact.

While of course, you may have the ideas to make trade show booth stand out, you should also take note that other companies are in the same boat as well. You may want to talk it out with your exhibit vendor properly on how you could improve your booth. But you can also check current “alternative” methods of increasing the impact of your trade show booth: you can use innovative ideas, especially in modern themes. Let me list a few ideas that can improve your booth.

innovative trade show booths

  • Use social media – There is a clear trend towards maximizing social networking sites. You can post status updates on Facebook to keep your clientele updated with the latest things on your company. You can also live-tweet while you are in an event, especially where your trade show booth is located.

  • Photography – Digital photography is clearly booming nowadays. It is best to capitalize on it. Photograph your visitors and make it as marketing materials wherein the brand name and logo of your company are placed. Photo booths are also fun.

  • Webcasting – Let’s face it, not everyone could go to your trade show booth personally. Now to avoid disappointing your prospect clientele, it would be nice to provide a webcast for those who would want to check out the happenings there. Make it like a feature on your company wherein there are interviews and discussions from your staff.

  • Offer giveaways – I’m not saying that you need to give out a lot of things, but simple giveaways like mints or cookies can actually delight the visitors of your booth. Place them at the back though, so your visitors will finish your booth before having a few giveaways.

  • Live product demonstrations – Curiosity can spark from people who actually see the product, but the desire to buy sparks when they see the performance and quality of your products. Letting them try it out provides an experience that they can remember. They could possibly be even your next clients!

There are many choices when it comes to turning your trade show booth into an innovative one. Make sure that you check these out so you can stand out against competitors.