A Quick Guide on Creating Stunning Trade Show Display

PPI Trade Show Booth

A display exhibition stand can definitely increase the impact of your participation in a trade show or expo. A brilliantly conceived display exhibition stand can give the exhibitor the competitive edge over other participants and competitors of the current market. But in preparing display exhibition stands that exude impact, one must keep in mind certain concepts like these:

·      Objective – It is essential to define the core purpose of your display exhibition stand. This clarifies your focus and the message that you want to convey to your audience. It is highly recommended that the objective of the display exhibition stand is tied to the company’s values and image. Brand positioning should also be considered. So if you are projecting a high-end, modern company, your stand should radiate that personality.

·      Space – Consider the space greatly. Make sure that you are aware of the dimensions of the area and how much you can move around the venue. This is an important factor in determining what types of designs can be installed in the venue so your stand could steal the limelight. Avoid obstructions. Place decorations strategically.

·      Audience – Creating a display exhibition stand geared towards a specific demographic is highly advised. This is because communicating with a particular demographic should reflect in your stand. Classic designs tend to attract older generations while stylish and modern designs are fit for today’s young people.

·      Graphics – Today, there is higher attention towards visuals. Make sure that you have relevant graphics that aid the messages you convey. Keep in mind that the graphics should also work alongside the other factors. Quick tip: life-size images are very powerful graphics to use. Placement is also important.

·      Text – Never overdo your stand with lots of text. Stick with minimal text that conveys strong messages. Placing of text should also be considered. Make sure that the font is suitable for the theme and objective of the stand as well as its size to be readable and effective.

·      Materials – Select carefully the materials that you are using. Make sure that these materials have an impact and work with your overall theme. Remember that rich wood tones emit a more traditional vibe while touches of chrome represent the contemporary era very well. Fabric should also be chosen carefully.

·      Lighting – Lighting puts emphasis on certain elements of your display exhibition stand. Plus proper lighting helps in photography. Additionally, lighting can set the mood of the entire stand that you have.