Exhibition Booth Rental: A Risk-Free Trade Show Display Alternative

Controtek Solutions Exhibit Booth

Trade shows remain popular despite the boom of Internet marketing. This is because the Internet still gives us something to talk about in person. We still cannot completely discuss our business to our clients and prospects in one go. Participating in a trade show could be your competitive marketing edge against other companies.

If you are fairly new or a bit tight on the budget, you can still join expo events via exhibition booth rentals – a cost-effective and low-risk alternative – than buying an entire trade show display for a show. This is because the payment upfront is not as high and renting entails little to virtually non-existent risk. Take time to consider an exhibition booth rental on your next expo.

Purchasing an entire exhibit entails many costs. Of course the upfront cost is given, but then you’ll have to think long-term and insure your exhibition (especially if you’ll be shipping it to other places). Maintenance costs also come to play along with the inevitable, normal wear and tear of your exhibit. Of course, every time you ship your exhibit, it incurs slight damages. You also have to think of where to store it after the show and display.

Renting entails less cost than purchasing your own exhibit. You receive the same service that the exhibit vendors give to buyers despite availing of a rental. This involves working with them to design that exhibit solution for your show and display to achieve your vision about the display. Another good thing about rentals is that you can try something different on your latest exhibition. Also, you don’t have to fix anything when something breaks because you just have to notify the vendor and send it back there.

These reasons are just few of the rationales on why a show and display rental is such an advantageous choice for new exhibitors. This allows you to have a test run or trial version of the field of exhibition by minimizing your upfront cost, and incidentally, your risk. By renting, you are also given the chance to examine the effectiveness of exhibition and show and display in your marketing strategy. If you find it successful and highly effective, then you’ll do a few more shows to get known better. After that, you might just decide to purchase an exhibit since the cost outweighs the cons. However, you should still consider the effectiveness of rentals and stick with that strategy if it works fine for you.

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