Creating a Greener Exhibit Display

Designing your exhibit display is one thing. Going for greener options on your exhibit display is another. In this age, the world is beginning to accept that it is imperative to protect the environment. This is why a lot of environmental groups have become outspoken about the advocacy to go for a greener lifestyle. Your exhibit design could also be greener if you want to.

First thing one has to understand is that there are several green choices in creating an environmentally sound exhibit display. Here’s a fun fact: exhibit displays have quite a bad reputation about being environmentally friendly. We could change that image. Studies show that relations among clients improve when a company goes green. Clearly, there is a trend towards sustainability today. Here are some tips on going green with your exhibit display.

exhibit display

Use alternative materials – A lot of materials used in an exhibit display are usually environmentally harmful. Plastics dominate the materials for most exhibit displays, not even mentioning the ink you use yet. But then you could change all that. Think about using recycled paper; it costs less, it is still flexible if you want to be creative, and it is green. You can even give creative giveaways using recycled paper. It’s hitting two birds with one stone – you saved on production costs and you helped the environment.

Check your local options – Your local businesses can provide you the materials you need for that display exhibit. If you plan to go every year on a certain trade show or expo, checking your local options might prove to be a good solution. This way, you establish rapport between your local providers, you get known locally for patronizing what is around you, and you lessen your carbon footprint by lessening shipping costs (which consume loads of fuel).

Go tech – We all know that face-to-face interaction matters in a business, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use technology. Aside from the actual display exhibit which your clients can visit, you can also hold meetings via Skype and send PDF files rather than printing materials out. But again, this is just an option. Proceeding with an actual exhibit display is still a good thing to do, but providing more options to clients won’t hurt.

These are just a few tips on how you can provide a greener exhibit display. The green initiative is catching on to a lot of people and companies are following suit. Going green on your next exhibit display might just give you the advantage you are looking for against the competition.