Monthly Archives: October 2014

25 Oct

How to have a successful exhibition show

An exhibition show can significantly increase your company’s prominence and improve your reputation. However, it can also ruin a company’s image if it is done improperly. This is why knowing how to execute a successful exhibition show is important. Remember that after everything, you are still running a business, and therefore must gain sales and

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11 Oct

Innovating Trade Show Booths

When you are at a trade show and you see those crowded trade show booths, it never fails to spark a sliver of curiosity: why are they crowded over there? On the other hand, some booths are not being checked out at all. But as a businessman, you should make sure that your trade show

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04 Oct

Tips on Expo Preparations

An expo is a highly effective way to get your business noticed, both for new and seasoned companies alike. Some like expos, while some see it as mere costly events. But it’s not always the case. Why should you participate in a business expo? The answer is fairly simple. In the current, highly competitive market,

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